A Guide to Hiring Dedicated Web Developers

on October 21, 2022
A Guide to Hiring Dedicated Web Developers

Websites are the online identity of a business, and, in today’s time, it is indispensable. With many small, medium, and large businesses globally wanting to have their websites built, the demand will stay on the rise.

As an Information Technology company, you need to have a modern and scalable infrastructure with a team of skilled and professional web developers to cater to a large-scale demand.

Now to handle these web development projects the question that looms over you as a business owner is whether to -

1. Restructure your existing team?

Here your in-house team will take on the new project along with streamlining the ongoing ones. This may prove to be a bit straining and exhausting for the team.

2. Conduct interviews?

You may think this is a good idea, but it will cost you money, time, and effort. You will come across many candidates who won't be a good fit—not recommended when you have time constraints.

3. Hire a dedicated web development team?

The most viable and credible option you will have is to adopt a dedicated team model. Once the formalities are taken care of, the team can start working on the project. The best bit is that you can hire web developers for dedicated projects or a short-term period.

Before we move forward and dive into the benefits, it's crucial to understand the “what” and “when” of hiring a dedicated development team.

What is a Dedicated Web Development Team?

When your business collaborates with an outsourced workforce of professionals, in this case, web developers work for a long or short-term project. It has proven to be a very cost-effective model.

After you choose the team, a vendor will bring together a team of professionals who are assembled specifically for the nature of the project.

The fundamental difference between a full-time employee and a dedicated team boils down to remuneration. With a dedicated team, you don’t have to worry about tax, social benefits, or HR concerns. The added advantage is that you can focus solely on more innate business matters while your outsourced team manages other facets of the projects.

When to Hire a Dedicated Web Development Team?

1. For Scalability and Flexibility

A dedicated team can help startup companies that are designed to grow faster achieve their objectives. As a business owner, you can divert your focus on business-related matters while the team continues to handle the workflow.

At your convenience and in all the legality, you can reduce the number of team members and change the employment relationship through new contracts with the vendor.

2. To Access The Massive Pool of Talent

Currently, there are 26.9 million software developers worldwide, and the number is on the rise. You get access to a massive pool of talented professionals who can quickly fill the resource shortage and accelerate the project's completion.

Big tech such as Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, and Google also employ the dedicated team model.

3. Do Not Want to Hire a Full-time Employee

You can resort to hiring dedicated web developers when you do not want to hire a full-time, in-house developer. These professionals work with you as long as the project last, and pay them by the hour. Or you can decide the terms with the vendor.

As a result, you save money from not investing it in a full-time employee.

Advantages of a Dedicated Team Model

Here are the following advantages of a dedicated team model

1. All-Inclusive Engagement and Focus

One significant benefit of hiring a dedicated web development team is that they are solely at your disposal. They are committed to your company's work, cause, ethics, beliefs, and goals, just like a permanent employee.

Your dedicated team of developers engrosses themselves toward your objectives, thereby concentrating on your assigned project.

2. Talented Resources at an Economical Cost

Unlike dedicated resources, hiring a full-time team of developers for a project is a time-consuming and financially demanding process. You will have to invest your valuable time and capital to search for the right talent with the experience you want. Besides that, you will also have to entail the administrative cost. 

However, with dedicated resources, everything is simply effortless. Herein, you don't have to pull your hair to search, gather talents, or manage administration. The company that you hire talents from will oversee all of your project's demands and requirements. 

Engaging with a dedicated team of developers is relatively less expensive and time-consuming than in-house employees. 

3. Manage the Project the Way You Want

Let's say when the customer hires a specialized team, they get complete authority from members managing the project, which includes developers, designers, marketers, and managers. Just like in this scenario, you will be given comprehensive management of specialized resources by specifying their schedule and workload.

Moreover, you will also be in charge of other processes like communication, task management & reporting, progress monitoring, performance evaluation, and more. 

Hiring dedicated resources are entirely akin to having in-house but better. You can operate your business from anywhere you want, but it is advised to have a dedicated project manager for communication and assistance.

4. Full Stack of Services

Another fantastic advantage of hiring a dedicated team of developers is getting access to a high-quality IT education and a well-rounded talent pool. You can get end-to-end solutions for your services or product development needs with fantastic outsourced talent. 

Below is the list of services you can leverage when you hire a full-stack model;

  • Mobile and web developers
  • Testing & QA Team
  • Designers
  • Product engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Hosting services for IT
  • Maintenance and support for IT
  • Migration services

5. Quick Turnaround Time

You don't have to worry about missed deadlines because a dedicated development team ensures a quick turnaround time and on-time project deliveries. The team works in an entirely optimized surrounding wherein they are prepared to support a seamless project completion and delivery within a given period.

6. Access to Global Talent

The term 'dedicated resources' opens the gates to new possibilities for your business by furnishing you with a range of global talents. These professionals share a globalized experience and expertise and have all the necessary skills to deliver a qualitative output for your project. Surprisingly, you can discover such talents at cost-effective prices.

These are the reasons why IT outsourcing companies look forward to partnering up with a dedicated team of resources from India.

Final Word…

A lot of technology, time, and effort go into creating and developing excellent websites. A dedicated development team can work seamlessly to deliver a prolific output.

Choose the team wisely based on factors such as skill sets, software knowledge, and work ethics, and you will be unstoppable!