8 Secrets to Help You Hire and Build a Successful Web Development Team

on June 24, 2020
8 Secrets to Help You Hire and Build a Successful Web Development Team

Your business website is your biggest asset irrespective of whether you are running a small business or own a large organization. The success of your business depends on how attractive and appealing your website is and how efficiently it serves your customers. That means the UI and UX matter a lot. The website must be engaging enough to grab the attention of users out there waiting to purchase your services and products.

So, when you want to create an outstanding and scalable website, you search for the most talented developer or a team who can bring your vision to life.

But, the larger questions are;

  • How do you know who to hire?
  • How will you ensure that the team you hire would be the right fit for the job?
  • And, how do you know the team you hire has the potential and skills needed for the web app project?

Let’s accept it: it’s not that easy.

According to Evans Data Corporation, there are 26.4 million developers in the world as of 2019 and the number is expected to grow to 27.7 million in 2023. either. All you need is the right guidelines.

Finding the one (developer or a development team) out of millions with the right skill set and characteristics may not be an easy task. But, that’s not impossible 8 Effective Tips for Employing the Right DevelopersHere are some of the best-proven tips to hire a good and capable web development team for your project.

Set Goals, Know Your Requirements

Knocking the door of developers or a development company without proper planning may get you in trouble. The best way to begin with the hiring process is to know the needs and your goal you wish to achieve with the website project. Here are some suggestions which may help you set out things;

  • What do you want to achieve with your website? (Generate leads, build brand recognition or sell products)
  • Do you already have a basic design in mind?
  • What type of website do you want to create?
  • Is it a static, dynamic or simple brochure-style website that you want to create?
  • Or, do you want to create a website with special features such as eCommerce capabilities or others?

These are some of the common questions you need to ask yourself to find the purpose of your website, its needs and requirements. Doing this will help you a lot in communicating your exact requirements and hiring the right development team.

Start Searching for a Development Team

Once you are done with your website development goals and requirements, you need to start looking for developers and designers. You can take the following approaches, to begin with;

Explore networking sites: Many of us have got our first job through LinkedIn. That’s exactly why we think professional networking sites such as LinkedIn can be the best way to look for your desired development team.

Find them through job portals: You can also look for professionals through various job portals sites which include UpWork, codable, etc. Even if you don’t get your required professionals from these sites, you will, at least, have good ideas which will help in the further search.

Ask your existing network: Never shy away from taking advantage of your vast connections. Ask your associates, competitors, friends and colleagues if they have hired professionals or if they know web developers or companies offering web developers to hire.

1. Look for Proficient Developers (or Team)

Developing a scalable, responsive, and high performing web application is a tricky and complex task. For example, the app must be market- and business-centric. Therefore, it needs proficiency and understanding that an experienced team already possesses.

If you are approaching a web development company, it is tantamount to look at their expertise in development, past projects, and years of experience. Besides, there is always a new technology or trend coming up. So, you need a team that is capable enough to stay on top of trends.

You can add a couple of questions relevant to this as well. Here’s a list of questions you can choose to ask to the developers;

  • Ask them to name some trending technologies
  • The programming language they have learned recently
  • If the team has attended any developers conference recently
  • How and where they explore trending technologies
  • If they are working on any relevant project

If you have already decided on the development platform and framework, then you can avoid asking these questions. However, asking these questions will help understand the team’s strength.

2. Keep Cost aside for a While

Of course, the cost of web app development is much cheaper overseas and many of you may be thinking why should you pay $150-$250/hr when the same can be done for $50/hr or even cheaper?

It’s good to be cost-effective but don’t make it a primary focus. And, avoid taking decisions in haste just because someone is offering a cost-effective software or web development team for hire.

All you need to do is to hire a team of developers who have the potential and expertise to develop a feature-packed, scalable, and high-quality web application at the cost-effective prices.

3. Discipline and Personality of the Development Team

A survey published on neilpatel.com said that hiring a wrong team is one of the top three reasons after “no market need” and “run out of cash” why businesses (startups) fail. So, you must take care of this and hire a team that understands your company’s work culture, apart from skills and experience.

If you are hiring a team from a web development company, then make sure the company has strict discipline policies in place.

4. Check Portfolios and Connect with Previous Clients

Every web development company around the world has its website. You can easily find their portfolios comprising their past projects and clients. Review them. This will help you decide whether to move further with the team or not.

At the same time, you can also connect with one or more of their previous clients and inquire about the company and its development team. Ask them how the team functions, their understanding of the project, skills, and treatment.

More than that, if the company has worked with many clients in the past, it would have received reviews from those clients as well. Go through them, if you find any.

5. Look for a Reliable and Certified Company

Sometimes, when a company is popular, it doesn’t mean it would be reliable. So, don’t stick with popularity alone. Look for a certified company and try to find out if the company is capable of delivering the promise.

If you are looking to hire an individual developer, then it might be good for a low-budget web app, but it carries risks. You might end up with an unsatisfactory outcome. Whereas, a well-established web app development company can provide a skilled team to develop a web app in due time. The teamwork will fasten the design, development, testing, and deployment process.

6. Start with Small Projects

Never consider giving away the entire or the most important projects to the remotely hired development team. Better, start with small projects and once you are confident and have properly gauged their capacity, start with the larger and important projects.

7. Get NDA and Privacy Agreement Signed Before Taking a Final Call

Never start working with a team without having signed an NDA and privacy agreement. This helps you to ensure the safety of confidential business information. Apart from that, the property rights of the application is protected and also ensures there is no room for discrepancies even in the future.

8. Discuss Post Development Support

Last but not the least, many companies offer post-development support. However, rather than assuming, discuss the company’s stance on it to ensure you are on the same page. It should also be included in your agreement. Web app submission, testing, bug fixing, support, post-deployment support, and more should be discussed well in advance.

Last but not least,
75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on its website design.

This means that your website can make or break your online business. Hence, the web developers you choose will be directly (or indirectly, if you may) responsible for building your audience. Hire the right talent to ensure it’s an investment and not an expense. We have experts skilled in all coding languages to build a responsive website and take off your online business. Contact us for a free consultation.